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1- Create a core message and strategy of difference

To help discover the perfect strategy for your business, we’ll:

Marketing lives and dies by developing “Strategy Before Tactics”. We think this step is so important that leads into the following implementation steps.

When you sell a service, finding a way to stand out in the mind of your ideal clients, something that differentiates your business from every other business that seems to provide the same services as you, is hard work, but it might be the most important discovery you can make.

Define more ideal clients using what you know about your current clients

Discover the characteristics of your most profitable clients that already refer

Interview your current clients to discover the problems you really solve for them

Scan your reviews to find even more clues about what your clients think

Create a core message that targets the problems your ideal clients want to solve

Everyone talks about creating a great customer experience, but few people really deliver on it. Creating an exceptional customer experience is pretty simple really, as long as you pay attention. Using the Duct Tape Marketing proprietary “Marketing Hourglass” technology, you will be able to create a roadmap of suggested marketing tactics for each of the phases of the customer buying journey: Know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer.

2- Understand and create your customer’s buyer journey

This model will focus on building your roadmap to building your customer journey. Understanding your customer’s buying journey is essential to understanding how to attract and serve your ideal clients. The Marketing Hourglass is a unique framework that you can use to create your overarching marketing strategy as well as to design a new product launch campaign. To help discover the perfect customer journey for your business, you’ll  Learn...

How your profits will increase if you implement the marketing hourglass

Finding it hard to close a sale? It could be because you’re missing essential elements in the marketing hourglass.

Why having a great product or service is NOT enough? Most business neglect the AFTER-sale phase and achieve repeat customers.

Learn the simple way to create a byproduct to potentially increase your profits (this could even up your expert status in your market).

Audit, organize, and refresh your existing content

Map out a calendar of themes for you to draw from

Identify and design highly optimized content hub pages

Integrate video content for trust building and engagement

Look to add webinars, speaking, contributing, and publishing to the mix

3- Content Foundation & Platform to Further amplify your status as an expert

Content is the voice of your marketing strategy. It’s how you get your  message told, how you guide prospects through the marketing hourglass, how you build trust and, ultimately, how you convert prospects to clients. To get the most from your content creation, you need to focus on various forms of distribution and consumption. A social media networks, blog, newsletter, social networks, and content networks must be considered as the primary tools for getting your message found and read in a way that moves the process from awareness to trust.

To help you build your content platform, we’ll: 

Design a site structure and flow that engages visitors

Feature your core message to help you stand out

Feature your ideal clients to help prospects know they are in the right place

Build the content for your core web pages and SEO plan

Add case studies, accomplishments, and testimonials that help build trust

Tell the full story of your services and mission

Build a compelling buyer’s journey to help move visitors to act

4- Build a website that converts and demonstrates your expertise

No matter what a business sells today your website is the hub of your marketing. It must be able to tell and guide your prospects to take the action that turns them into clients. To do this effectively, there are certain elements that every small business website must have.

To help you build a website that drives growth, you’ll learn.

Tune-up your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

Create a plan to focus the right message on the right plan

How to capture those personal brand moments that create engagement

How to integrate your content, sharing, and paid social efforts

Create sales funnels that build trust

Look for opportunities to engage online influencers

Create awareness with paid social

Create customers and partners referral strategies

5- Build a process to generate leads and convert them into customers

Without leads, there are no customers. Leads are the lifeblood of every business. Lead generation is essentially a game of channels. Meaning you need to find the right mix of channels that fit your business. You also need to build a process you will use to turn a lead into a client. It’s essential that you have a plan for what you are going to do when someone expresses interest.

To help you get the most from your all your channels, you’ll:

How to construct a lifetime customer value metric

Develop conversion goals around your marketing campaigns

Install tracking tools that allow you to see where your best leads come from

Create on-going planning for growth

How to use Google Analytics & Google Search Console to measure online performance

6- Real-time reporting to see what’s working and what’s not

The rise of digital marketing gives us more ways to collect and track data than ever. We can now know what the exact return on just about any  campaign is. The key to establish a handful of useful metrics and use them to help inform marketing decisions.



The great benefit of having a proven marketing

roadmap is that it can expand and mature just

as your business expands and matures. 

Ready to take action?

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, a startup, a marketing or business development representative, or the like? 

Your #1 marketing goal is to build trust as an expert in your field. Sure, you want more clients, but trust is how you build your brand as the obvious choice in your market. Trust can sometimes feel like the hardest thing of all to build. But here’s the good news. All you really need is a proven marketing process and roadmap.

Below are 6 major elements of an effective professional services marketing roadmap that we cover in our program.

Marketing Coaching Program

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