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Running a business is hard. Marketing a business is even harder. There’s always the latest and greatest tactics to overcome, a new platform to master, or growing trends to adopt quickly.

As a business owner, your plate is always full. It’s impossible to tackle everything on your own, and it’s necessary to delegate what you can. Most of the time marketing is one of those things that gets delegated. But too often, delegation becomes like handing over—and this is the problem.

The problem with renting your marketing

When you give up complete ownership of your marketing and hire other people to do the work, you limit your growth and your bottom-line results.

You aren’t building an internal, long-term asset—you’re just renting one.

What if you started to view marketing as an important asset of your business?

When you hire outside marketing help, you’re renting an expert’s time. It’s temporary. No matter what you’re seeking help with—SEO, paid advertising, website optimization, full service, you name it—the engagement eventually comes to an end. Then, you’re sent right back to square one trying to do one of two things: figure it out on your own or hire marketing help externally temporarily once again. 

There are parts of marketing that need to be internally owned and developed. When an outside consultant or advisor is your entire marketing department, you can only reach a certain level of growth.

Introducing the Certified Marketing Manager Program

The program comes with an experienced consultant armed with a proven marketing system and a personalized training program based on your business for your marketing team (even if that’s just one person). 

Our consultant will teach your team how to build, run and implement a tailored marketing action plan tuned to evolve as you grow.

The Certified Marketing Manager Program allows you to take charge of your marketing while building a long-term asset that grows with you—one that you own instead of rent.

In this program, our consultant will help you develop the marketing skills and knowledge of your team.

The Certified Marketing Manager Program is not a course. We’ve taken the very marketing roadmap that has now been installed in thousands of businesses and turned it into a hybrid coaching and training program designed to help any business accomplish two very important things:

Build a custom marketing action plan

Train and develop their internal marketing team

Here’s what the program includes

A one-on-one coaching relationship with a marketing expert

Complete training and development for your marketing team

Access to a full online training portal for your team

A proven marketing roadmap that evolves as you grow

Tools, templates, and resources to help your team confidently build and execute a marketing action plan

The development of an internal asset who is a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Marketing Manager

No more marketing guesswork or wondering what your marketing team should do

Your team will have full access to a training portal

training portal
training portal

Why rent your marketing when you can own it

Let us help you train and activate your marketing team with our Certified Marketing Manager program so you can grow faster.

Your team will have full access to a training portal

training portal
training portal

With the Certified Marketing Manager Program, your team will get access to tons of tools, templates, and worksheets that will help your team confidently build and execute upon your marketing action plan.

Organizations who want to hire a marketing manager

Organizations who want to level up their current marketing manager

Organizations who are committed to personal development for their team

Any business owners who want more clarity and control over their marketing

Who the Certified Marketing Manager Program perfect for

Certified Marketing Manager Program
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Designation & Organization

We’ll train your in-house marketer for you

One of the major reasons business owners don’t hire internal marketers is because they don’t know how to train the right person, how to get someone up to speed successfully, or what they should even be working on and when. With the Certified Marketing Manager Program, we take that burden right out of your hands. We will do the training and leveling up of your in-house marketer for you. We will give you the confidence that what needs to be done is getting done. Let us train your people while you grow your business.

Certified Marketing Manager Training

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